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Baby Ally, Tina and girls20141221_141333Ally’s NINTH birthday is in 2 days, on Monday 2-2, Groundhog’s Day!   My emotions are already all over the place. We are soooooooo blessed that God has given us all these years with her after being diagnosed at 5 months old with SMA and being told most SMA babies will not see their first or second birthday. We have grown and learned so much through Ally. I can’t help but occasionally wonder and grieve a little, wondering what life would be like for her and us without SMA, but then I remind myself to be grateful for all the positives that SMA has also brought into our lives through our growing love, friendships, compassion, faith… and of course how lucky and blessed we are to still have Ally when so many SMA children are in heaven. Ally will have a BIG Rollerskating Birthday Party/Fundraiser on April 19th, but my goal this week is to celebrate at both of her schools (if we can get through the snow), maybe purchase/make payments on a full size adjustable bed and comfy mattress for her room to cuddle in, and focus on LOVE and blessings. Be sure to tentatively RSVP for Ally’s Rollerskating Party to celebrate with us! https://www.facebook.com/events/822428317813640/?source=1&refid=52%5D

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