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Its been over a month since my last update and it’s been super, super busy. I’m VERY happy to say that we have all stayed healthy and its been 5 months since Ally was in the hospital (knock on wood since she is usually there every 3 months). We’ve had some small colds and Ally has had some fevers off and on lately, but things are soooooo much easier on her since she got her trach. The really good and exciting news is that she has been going to preschool EVERY day! She is also now in a blended classroom that has about 6 special needs kids and about 14 typical children. Ally has visited this classroom for awhile, but after advocating strongly for her, she is now in this classroom full time. Although her muscles and movement are strongly impacted by SMA, her brain is unaffected and she needs to be in a regular or blended classroom. I am super happy since my biggest goal is to give Ally (and Kristyn & Melissa)  the best life possible with the best experiences and I feel like this is a big step in that direction. Ally loves her friends in both of her classrooms, but has so much more interaction with peers in her new room.  I really think she’s going to do super well with her academic goals in this classroom too.

The rest of the family has been busy too. Kristyn continues to do well at Lane Tech High School and has lots and lots of cheerleading competitions coming up in January. Melissa is becoming a great reader and has been busy with Girl Scouts. She is selling Girl Scout cookies, so PLEASE let us know if you would like any for $4 a box to help out her troop. Billy continues to work at Service Decorating and helping out a ton at home. The economy has been tough, so we pray that his work will continue. I have been busy with school meetings, medical calls and appointments. I’m thinking about substitute teaching after the New Year to help with our income. I also plan to begin working out and joining Weight Watchers with my mom.

Now for the best part….. PICTURES and short VIDEOS!!!!!

  Click on the album covers below to see our pictures from the last month.  As you scroll through the pics, you will see several short videos.  There are additional albums on my Picasa website http://picasaweb.google.com/tina61775


2010-12-19 Family Early Christmas
2010-12-17 Ally school xmas
2010-12-15 Melissa xmas concert
2010-12-14 Dec and Holiday Fun
2010-12-11 MDA, Alice in Wonderland, Pheasant Run
2010-11-30 Music Therapy VIDEOS

Let us know you visited and what you thought of our pics!!

Happy Holidays to All!!!!
Tina, Ally and Krajewski Family

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