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Need prayers for Ally, again.  Every new season, seems to bring trouble. She’s been GREAT, so we tried school last week.  Not sure the risks are worth it or if she will go again.  Hoping we can fight this at home, but may need help from the hospital.

She’s had diarreah, fevers off and on from 99-103.5, some congestion and her left lung is diminished/down off and on. Secretions were yellow, but now cloudy/clear. We are doing lots of treatments and needed oxygen for treatments, but then she turns around for awhile. I really want to handle this at home as in between the treatments, she is happy and vocalizing.  I have called  our pulmonologist and he knows we may head in.  Soooo stressful knowing what to do.  I just want a happy, healthy family, all together.

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